Is kitesurfing dangerous?

This is a extreme sport. Can be dangerous, this is why a specialy the first lesson we highly recommend to start with experienced instructor. We do not recommend to learn this sport without instructor or with the friend.


How those the first lesson looks like?

Typical first lesson for beginner, 3 hours long, about 1,5-2hour is learning how to steering kite well on the beach and after excersise in the water.


Do I need my equipment for lesson?

No, school will provide you with all equipment you needed – helmet, lifejacket, harnes, kitesurfing equipment. If you have some experience and planing to learn foil, directional board or you need some refreshing you can use your equipment.


How much time take to learn kitesurfing?

It’s very individual, minimum is 2-3 lesson to learn all fundamental excersise.


What do I need for lesson?

Sunglasses, sunscreen, rashguard or wetsuit (1,5-2mm), water to drink.


What if weather conditions are not good?

Lesson can be shorter or reschedule for different day, hour or refund.


When I can canceled my lesson?

Minimum 1 day before your lesson.


What’s the differents between kite and wing?

Wingfoil is less dangerous because there is no lines and also it is easier to learn.


How many lessons do I need to learn to wingfoil?

Not a lot, of course it’s very individual and depends of your previeus experience from other sports, one or two minimum.


How does the wing lesson looks like?

Wing control on the beach is about 30 minutes and after excersise in the water. On the first lessons we using big board (not foil) at the beggining, wingfoil board is usually used on the second lesson.